May 2013


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Ecologic sustainable vines, a world’s target

The automotive industry is currently engaged at an international level in the production of vehicles with low consumption and pollution. Vines are biological cars, which consume 350 to 700 liters of water, via…

The multipurpose hydraulic drill

This versatile hydraulic drill by Colombardo can be positioned both on the back on the universal hydraulic hoist and in front of a tractor, even if not equipped with hydraulic hoist.

The Agricube Series

The Agricube series, the historic Three Cavallini Carraro brand, includes a range of specialized tractors, Vineyard, Large Vineyard, Orchard and Light Utility, which has recently been expanded thanks to Low Orchard, a new model,…

The world of Italian copper based products

Manica is specialized in the production of cupric fungicides based on Bordeaux Mixture and Copper Oxychloride defended at EU level which are produced in its plants situated in Rovereto (Trento) – Italy.

A new model of L’Arcobaleno®

Eima International 2012 (Bologna, Italy – November 7th-11th) provided the stage for the presentation of a new model in the already ample and differentiated range of L’Arcobaleno® column-type sprayers by Bertoni.

Grape Preparers hired by Champagne Louis Roederer

Marco Simonit (photo) and his team of Grape Preparers were hired in Reims by Champagne Louis Roederer.

Italy has its Forum for Wine Environmental Sustainability

It was created in Rome in March 2013 and was presented at Vinitaly (VeronaFiere) in April 2013: the Forum for Wine Environmental Sustainability, which aims to bring out unique, shared and comparable indicators…

“I’m not corked”

How often does it happen to open great bottles of wine, perhaps after a long wait, and discover that they have a cork defect?

Aluminium screw caps for sustainable oenology

Aluminum of wine caps can be recycled indefinitely without affecting its quality.

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