A more environmentally friendly plant protection with Martignani

The electrostatic low volume mist blower B-612 DUO – WING – JET (Patent Nr. BO 2012 A000399) is Martignani’s newest answer to continuously inevitable requirements for farmers: “To minimise losses to the environment during pesticide treatments“. Definable as the first and only sprayer that recovers product, combining electrostatic attraction between vegetation and nebulized microdroplets with those of two special air cushion protective screens, without any recycling of the pesticide treatment and 95% effect not only with anti-drift but also anti-residue on fruit, grapes, wine, etc. This specific objective, sought after by Martignani to overcome even the results it has so far obtained with the so-called tunnel sprayers, is achieved thanks to the following:
A) Given the ability of the machine to instantly adjust any volume for distribution. For example, in the vineyard at the beginning of vegetation, you can start with just 20 l/ha of concentrated mixture, increasing gradually to 30-40…up to maximum 100 l/ha in full vegetation. In this way, there is no liquid fraction from having to collect and recycle, with the advantage of having a mixture that always integrates without the minimum variance of concentration, with easier and more manageable equipment, free from any risk of possible side effects attributable (according to phytoexperts) to the continuous recycling of mixtures leaking from vegetation.
B) The two protective screens are pressurised with air (adjustable) from one of the two fan outputs, without the presence of any flexible plastic hoses, but using the same telescopic elements responsible for their positioning as conduits, with the simple function of eliminating, with two air cushions coming from the thousand holes of the two walls of insulating and water-repellent material, the dispersion of the remaining population of droplets that can escape the electrostatic field, synergically completing with it the cover of the two external walls of each inter-row run.
C) Air flow volumes, speed and impact of the electrostatic heads (8+8) can also be adjusted and, therefore, also the dimensions of the microdroplets based on the different phenological stages of vegetation.
Ultimately, the known capacity of the low and very low Martignani electrostatic volumes are slightly improved, guaranteeing efficient treatments with 90% water savings, 70% labour savings, and active ingredient savings of up to 45-50% and with collections free of various documented chemical residues, obtainable thanks to the reduced doses of active ingredients and to the exceptional covering uniformity of the microdroplets which, being charged of the same sign while they are attracted to vegetation of the opposite charge, repel each other, avoiding any form of overlapping or erratic build-up. Therefore: plant protection which is even more efficient, cost-effective, more environmentally friendly, and respectful to workers’ and food consumers’ health.

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