A new model of L’Arcobaleno®

Eima International 2012 (Bologna, Italy – November 7th-11th) provided the stage for the presentation of a new model in the already ample and differentiated range of L’Arcobaleno® column-type sprayers by Bertoni. The new semi-mounted addition to the line is lighter and smaller than the other sprayers in the range because it was specifically designed for operations in single-row hillside vineyards. This model is equipped with an innovative slide system, patented by Bertoni Srl., which works as the base for the approach of the sprayer to substantially improve maneuverability in tight spaces for operations on slopes where great stability is required of the sprayer. This model is thus compact, manageable and capable of handling steep slopes with ease.  Reliability is ensured by the machine’s robust telescopic build, based on the structure of a crane, and anti-collision joints which protect the screen from possible impacts.  This new sprayer also lessens soil compaction thanks to an efficient self-leveling device enabling the machine to adapt to the degree of the slope. The compact, designed for small and medium-size farming operations, provides all the advantages of reduced fuel consumption, greater productivity, higher quality plant treatment and greater protection of the environment due to the innovative Arcobaleno spraying system which combines the effect of the electro-fans and a section of the flow conveyer exit to create the vortex of air with inside air circulation which recovers and reuses plant treatment products not deposited on plants.

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