Accuracy of results in the clarification process

Vason_PortaleThe clarification process is applied with a variety of desired effects, such as getting more limpid wines, the protein stabilization, an increased yield of the subsequent filtrations, a redox stability, a better organoleptic profile… At the same time, the respect for the color and for the typicality of the original product is searched.
The studies carried on by VASONGROUP on the mechanisms of clarification and the Surface Charge Detection (SCD) have shown that a gelatin acting as a good clarifying agent can’t be the best tannin removing agent (eg: FLOTTOGEL®, Premium® Gel grade 1) and vice versa (eg: Premium® Gel grade 3): the two actions are inversely proportional. This is a clear explanation of the interactions occurring between clarifying agents, on one side, and musts/wines, on the other side, and gives the best solution for the specific wine you want to produce.
Plant origin allergen free clarifying agents act this way too. Among these, Fitoproteina P – suitable for finishing clarifications – is worth to be cited. It gently smooths the most astringent tannins, while significantly improving the wine shades.
The quality control is a guarantee of some important parameters, thus allowing the winemaker to choose the most effective adjuvant, in the sign of precision oenology. For example, all our bentonites always show a higher than 60% power in deproteinization; PLUSGRAN® gel only, a particular granulated sodium bentonite, is higher than 70% effective, which features it as a high-profile adjuvant.
If molecular oenology is the aim, the accuracy of oenological results through the knowledge of molecular interactions has to be ensured: Mastervin® Compact is a winning patent allowing siliceous materials to be adsorbed on specific activated bentonite, thus getting a clarifying agent with a deproteinizing power of all respect, resulting in an excellent final compaction combined with the respect for the color.

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