AGER, research&innovation in viticulture

AGER is a company formed by experienced agronomists offering innovation for viticulture thanks to the connection with the world of research, university and productive one. Our services ensure quality, cost and scientific marketing tools optimal for Winery through a common method based on a simple and natural agronomy, on careful interventions and environmentally sustainable nourish plant in its growth without condition it. Ager’s agronomists use a codified system of agronomic behaviors and analysis through the standardization of research methodologies and protocols for sustainable management. Ager offers three complementary services: ASK is a system based on Precision Viticulture that allows mapping and site-specific managing vineyards savings costs, lower environmental impacts and better qualitative performance; Eno-GIS is a georeferenced management platform that interfaces with numerous databases already existing in the cellars and allows to deduce important information on the strategic management choices seeking new production possibilities; VitES (Eco-Sustainable Viticulture) is a think-tank that involves the development of protocols and assessment checklist to give rise to trademark certified by an independent third-party, for sustainability, strengthening communication and customer marketing. Our services aim at Quality, Cost and scientific Marketing, through a common method based on a simple and natural agronomy, environmentally sustainable and moderate actions, favoring and helping the plant in its growth without condition it.

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