Arcobaleno by Bertoni Green Technology: the adventure goes on

BERTONI_portaleBertoni Green Technology is a family company located at Castel Bolognese, about 35 km inland to the southeast of Ravenna (Emilia-Romagna) and created in 2007 specifically to make and sell the Arcobaleno, or Rainbow, a sophisticated tunnel-type of sprayer.
Sergio Bertoni, who founded the company and still owns it, says: “If I think of the ground we had to cover in the last twenty years to develop and implement the machine, I can only think that I became an entrepreneur by chance. In fact,  when I started the first field tests, I would never have thought that sometime in the future I would leave my farm and dive into this industrial adventure. As a user, I wanted to design a machine which would resolve the problem of the dispersion of pest control products, but I thought I would hand production and distribution to an external company”. The machine took shape and Bertoni found the design he was working so hard on could be manufactured with his own resources. Design, testing, finalization and selling were various phases of the same process of maturation of which a fundamental turning-point was the EIMA International industrial fair in 2005. Bertoni won the fair’s prestigious Technical Novelty prize, which confirmed that the future Bertoni company could compete on an equal footing with Italian and foreign manufacturers who could already boast a long tradition.
The sprayer big innovation is its sophisticated system for circulating the air within the pair of shields mounted on each side of the tractor, each pair spraying a row. Air conveyors are located inside the shields, consisting of two pairs of electric fans and a carefully designed outlet section. The shields cover a 60-70 cm section of the crop row within which the device stirs up a vortex of air, which ensures that the spray is distributed uniformly and achieves optimal penetration of the foliage. A vertical louvered panel intercepts the liquid not retained by the vegetation, letting it be reused as the sprayer moves on.
The combination of Bertoni’s design insights limits spray dispersion and improves penetration. Higher crop quality can be expected because spraying is more effective and there is also a 40-50% saving in the amount of spray used in a year.
Then, there are also the great advantages for the driver’s safety and the protection of the environment.
During the international trade fair EIMA 2014 (Bologna – Italy, 12-16 November 2014) Bertoni launched the T6 Arcobaleno model, a tractor-drawn machine designed for nurseries and able to spray up to six rows at the same time, with up to 1 meter distances between the rows. An absolute novelty, a new and unique technology you couldn’t find on the market so far.

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