BCS Sky Jump V950 Dualsteer®

BCS-SKY-JUMP_portaleThe BCS Sky Jump is a specialized tractor with front pneumatic wheels and rear rubber crawler tracks. This dual configuration provides the units the handling qualities of a classic tractor with pneumatic wheels as well as the stability and traction of a caterpillar.
As a matter of fact, the traction of the Sky Jump, depending on the terrain, can exceed by 60% the one of the tractors with pneumatic wheels and if used on steep slopes it has a higher side stability which allows the tractor to work in espalier rows, generally sloping downstream, while perfectly following its direction even if combined with heavy tractor-mounted attachments.
This mix-configuration of pneumatic wheels-crawlers of the Sky Jump shows three advantages:
– a remarkably reduced ground compaction thanks to the less pressure of the crawlers on the ground in comparison with the pneumatic wheel;
– minimal damages of the ground between rows and when steering at the end of the field in comparison with a machine equipped with iron tracks;
– homologation for road circulation and possibility to easily travel at 40 km/h. without spoiling the road surface.
Thanks to the unique dual steering system Dualsteer® acting on the front wheels and on the central articulation, the Sky Jump has a great maneuverability equal to its brothers on pneumatic wheels, as it can reach a steering angle of 60° with very limited steering radius. These features, combined with the short wheelbase and low center of gravity, make the Sky Jump the ideal machine for working in rows and crops on steep slopes where traction, stability, maneuverability and safety are the essential requirements.

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