BERTONI L’Arcobaleno TRL Model, trailed 2 rows self leveling

TRL_portaleThis original sprayer by Bertoni is the trailed 2 rows development and it’s able to work also in hill areas with 18% slope and in vineyards with reduced distance from row to row (2-3 meters). This trailed sprayer has a double axle boogie with adjustable width and grade. That self leveling system guarantees a perfect balance of all the sprayer in sloping conditions. The sprayer is equipped with an innovative computer system that ensures the sprayer self leveling, the panels are always parallel to the plants and the self leveling system lifts or lowers separately the left and right panels when necessary to keep the same distance from the ground. That sprayer can work also in big steps. The driver only has to upload the working measures in the computer system (distance from row to row and slope) and pushing a botton the panels will reach the requested position automatically. With closed panels, and full tank the sprayer can circulate on the road and it’s equipped with hydraulic/mechanical braking system. TR model is equipped also with a 1000 liters tank and stepladder for inspection compliant with legal standards. The self leveling TR is a real innovation because it can treat contemporary 2 rows in hill areas where it was possible to use only our TM model. That sprayer can increase/double the productivity because it keeps all the advantages that mark L’Arcobaleno’s treatment system. Only 15 horsepowers are necessary for the treatment system so tractor oil consumption is considerably reduced and noise factor is under 80 decibel. Product distribution is improved and the efficacy of foliar fertilizer too. This means that it’s possible to reduce the quantity of chemicals and foliar fertilizers used. That sprayer is a concrete answer to the requirements of the european directive (2009/128/CE) about chemicals sustainable use. It solves all the problems about chemical treatments, drift is eliminated and is possible to work even near buffer zone (rivers, roads, houses, schools, etc..) without any problem.

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