Biodynamic wine in Italy institutes its own regulations

Since August 2013, a new biodynamic wine standard has been in effect in Italy. After two years of work by the certified biodynamic grape growers and the standards committee of Demeter Italia, a new and more stringent standard that is better adapted to the professional level of Italian biodynamic wine-makers has been presented to the international community of Demeter producers. In the annual Demeter members meeting held in June 2013, the text was presented and approved by the assembly. The standard developed is among the most advanced in the industry and meets the high quality and professional levels attained by the biodynamic grape growers and wine producers in Italy. The major difference to the international Demeter standard, that remains in effect for the rest of the world, regards the fact that only only manual harvesting is allowed. To allow enough time for the companies to adapt to the new standard, this will be implemented within a two year deadline but only for Italian companies that are already Demeter certified and already do mechanical harvesting. The new standard also includes a further reduction in the level of sulphur compared to the international standard, the possibility of using casks not just limited to oak as well as the admission of polypropylene filters (both of these allowances are extensions of the international standard).

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