Effects of Macys BC 28 on bunches development and grape yield

Macys-tanica_portaleMACYS BC 28 by CIFO is a biostimulant based on Macrocystis integrifolia, a seaweed that grows on the rocky ground of the Canadian sea. Macrocystis integrifolia is a seaweed highly rich in natural biologically active substances, such as natural hormones, laminarins, mannitol, betaines, alginic acid, and vitamins that positively influence plant physiology.
Homogeneous and loose bunches as well as berries characterized by thick skin and high quality traits generally turn into high quality wines. For this reason, in the year 2011, the effect of MACYS BC 28 on grape production and bunch development was investigated. Macys BC 28 was sprayed, in a vineyard of Pinot Gray placed in Romagnano (Trento, Northern Italy), applied five times from May to July.
The results of this trial clearly show positive effects of Macys BC 28 in bunch development. Macys BC 28 positively influenced bunch looseness: in fact, treated plants showed a lower level of compact and really compact bunch (43%) compared with control (usual farm practice) that had a percentage above the 57%.
Considering the production data, Macys BC 28 also improved bunches weight of 10%, treated bunches showed in fact a higher number of berries (+17%).
The trial confirms the biostimulant action of Macys Bc 28 and Macrocystis Integrifolia, it’s evident how the continuous use of Macys Bc 28 can improve plant development and production, balancing the plants activity during all cycle.

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