Efficiency and Accuracy in enology with Parsec

Paresc_portaleThe Italian company Parsec developed a complete range of solutions to control all parameters of vinification and effective systems of extraction and vinification: Thermoregulation of the tanks; Selective extraction of hat compounds; Dissolved gases: O2 and CO2; Dynamic measurement of fermentation kinetics; Preparation and dosage of yeast and oenological products; Quadr@ intelligent software for centralized supervision performs an interactive and dynamic automation of vinification because automation is synonymous of precision, safety and efficiency.
Interactive supervision of vinifications. Parsec’s interactive supervision offers more guarantees than a simple automation, dynamically managing the interactions amongst the different vinification parameters.
Thermoregulation example. What appears to be a simple regulation process to warm up the must when it’s cold or vice versa, is driven by Parsec’s advanced regulators to deliver different options which are indispensable in oenology: 1. Measurement of the temperature heterogeneity in order to know the must and the mash cake/hat temperatures. Thanks to this the thermoregulation is more precise as well as the frequency of pumping over to homogenize the temperature more effectively. 2. The monitoring of valves (thanks to limit switch) actual position (open or closed) and the synchronization of their movements, avoid the hot and cold fluids to mix, which would otherwise make the installation ineffective.
Every detail contributes to improve the artificial intelligence. For example, interactivity amongst temperature and maceration, demonstrates the multiple purposes of an intelligent supervision at the service of precision oenology.
Rational management of vinification for accuracy and repeatability. Ex.: oxygenation of musts and wines. The oxygenation consists in the injection of an accurate dose of O2 in a liquid. The dosing unit integrates all the sensors to manage: Variations in the pressure of O2; Increases of backpressure due to obstructions of the sparger. The user only needs to set the dose and duration of the treatment. The accuracy and repeatability of the dosage allows to quickly realize the oxygen needed by the wines.
Parsec’s software automation manages all the winemaking protocols and control their evolution in automatically by taking into account the interaction of different parameters: temperature, fermentation kinetics, maceration, oxygenation, etc. The user has then the choice to use different levels of automation:
Basic: Standard management with the simple setting of the control parameters.
Advanced: The transition rules between a phase and the next allow real-time monitoring of each tank and the execution of the protocol designed for each phase.
Superior: the modulation of the protocols are depending on the dynamic progress of winemaking according to the best practices of oenology.
The Advanced and Superior mode allow, among other things, to drive the fermentation speed through thermoregulation, to modulate the frequency of mash cake/hat pumping over, depending on the mash cake temperature to repeat the same number of pumping over according to each grape quality.

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