Fertizolfo Bio by FERTENIA: naturally strong

FOTO-NUOVA-FERTIZOLFO-BIO_portaleFERTIZOLFO BIO by FERTENIA is a highly innovative product in the context of preparations of mineral and natural origin. Its particular composition and the exclusive production method allows it to perform several functions. The synergic presence of Brown algae (Ascophyllum nodosum, Sargassum ssp) and elemental sulfur bring: on the one hand, organic nitrogen (rich in peptides and amino acids capable of accelerating its penetration) and important constituents naturally present in algae (alginates, carbohydrates, cytokinins, auxins, giberellines and betaines) and on the other hand Sulfur (S). Its particular liquid formulation (flowable) and the presence of vegetable oils avoid the problems caused by soluble powders in preparation of solutions, allow a better wettability, adhesiveness (rain washout), a substantial reduction of the dose of application (kg/he) and a better assimilation of all constituents. In particular, sulfur, persisting more on leaves, is able to carry out its typical functions, by intervening in a greater strengthening of natural defenses against typical diseases and diseases caused by pathogenic fungi, and also repellency against some mites (Eriofides) and cochineal insects present on citrus and other fruit-bearing plants. FERTIZOLFO BIO is a mixture of several components with the ability to restrict the formation of resistant strains (Feng & Isman, 1995). It does not have any negative activity on Phytoseiids.
EFFECTS AND BENEFITS: nutritional and biostimulant activity due to the presence of organic N, Peptides, Amino acids and all natural constituents of algae (auxins, cytokinins, betaines, giberelline, etc..); increased speed of sulfur assimilation (presence of amino acids of vegetal extraction); improved effectiveness of Sulfur; better coverage of treated vegetation; better resistance to Sulfur leaching caused by rain and dew; use of smaller doses (kg/he) and absence of phytotoxicity on the treated vegetation; it nourishes, strengthens and improves the natural resistance to biotic diseases; it does not make dirty and is non-staining on fruits, vegetables and flowers.

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