Flo, Pico, Maxi & Tivano: the food nitrogen generators by CLAIND

gamma-industria_portaleClaind, an italian company, one of the top manufacturers of gas generators in the world, has developed several solutions for the nitrogen generation for food and beverage usage, in compliance with CE (PED included), UL and ASME.
Among these solutions there are Flo, Pico e Maxi, three series of generators differing each other because of the nitrogen flow rates: from 1,3 m3/h of the Flo series up to 130 m3/h of the Maxi series.
Besides these three series, Claind presents Tivano, a nitrogen generator created for wine, beer and other drinks serving: completely autonomous thanks to a standard equipment oil-free compressor, Tivano can be wall mounted and delivers 99.5% pure nitrogen as well as various mixtures of nitrogen and CO2 via mixers.
All Claind’s nitrogen generators are based on PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, which, thanks to carbon molecular sieves, allows to split nitrogen from the environmental air, obtaining ultra high purities that qualify nitrogen as food additive E941.
The whole range has also the Fast Purity system, Claind exclusive patent, which ensures the maximum purity of the gas only few minutes after the start and it’s equipped both with an oxygen analyzer which ensures the quality of the nitrogen produced and a sophisticated microprocessor control system, which allows an autonomous functioning for 24 hours a day without having to be shut down at all.
Safety, easiness of use, low costs of functioning are only few of the advantages mainly appreciated by customers who have a Claind generator: moreover, the high efficiency of the molecular sieves and the absence of maintenance greatly restrain the cost of the nitrogen compared to alternative supplying sources, as cylinders or liquid nitrogen.

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