High pressure water against weeds

Attila_portaleAttila by Caffini  is a device for the destruction of weeds in areas between rows of vineyards and orchards, using only high pressure water. The equipment consists of a piston pump operating at 1000 bar, a water tank and a rotating head, placed laterally. On the rotary head, operated by a hydraulic motor, there are fixed the nozzles placed in the vertical position. The disc rotational speed nozzle holders joined to the forward speed of about 2.5 km/h, guarantee a perfect coverage area.
The use of a high pressure allows not only the destruction of weeds that emerges from the ground, but also the radical apparatus insinuating and chopping the roots up to a depth of a few centimetres.
The consumption of water alone at room temperature is about 2000 L/ha, in a width of 2.5m rows. From the experimental tests lasted three years of grassed vineyards, it was shown that with only 2 applications/year you can solve the problem of weeds.

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