“I’m not corked”

How often does it happen to open great bottles of wine, perhaps after a long wait, and discover that they have a cork defect? Often, very often, given that three percent of consumers deal with this unpleasant situation when uncorking their favourite bottles. This is why the Website Io non so di tappo (I’m not corked) has been conceived: a collection of Italian and international quality wines which are free from the defect caused by the presence of TCA in wine thanks to manufacturers who chose Nomacorc, a world leader in the production of alternative closures for wine. A choice made to ensure consumers, so that they can uncork their bottles in absolute tranquillity and with the guarantee of being able to enjoy their wine safely. The portal is growing, wines will be regularly inserted to complete and update the list of quality wines bottled with Nomacorc closures. There are also two informative sections for wine-lovers: Did you know?, which contains several pills for in-depth study about the various closures and their environmental impacts, and Winemaker answers, where consumers can ask their questions about wine to the wine experts of Nomacorc research staff.

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