LALLEMAND OENOLOGY: Natural solutions that add value to the world of winemaking

Since the 1970s, Lallemand has focused its specialty fermentation knowledge on developing high quality active dry yeasts for the worldwide oenology industry. Soon after, the company started developing wine bacteria, fermentation adjuncts and specialty yeasts derivatives.
Lallemand is still the only major supplier of yeast and bacteria that is a primary producer of both. Lallemand owes its success to its constant pursuit of excellence, flexibility and ongoing investments in research and development.
To offer customers the finest possible products, Lallemand places particular importance on R & D.
Research begins internally:
• A team based in Toulouse, France, conducts fermented beverage-related research in cooperation with oenological institutes throughout the world.
• Teams based at the Montréal plant and the Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI) in Montréal develop new strains and production procedures, and carry out more fundamental research.
Lallemand’s ISO 9002 certified wine-yeast production facilities are located in Grenaa, Denmark, and Montréal, Canada.
Oenology bacteria are produced in a specially accredited facility in Aurillac, France, and in Montréal. The plant in Vienna, Austria, is dedicated to the production of specialty yeasts.
Using processes specific to each strain, the yeast cultures are fermented and undergo high-density concentration and granulation.
Yeasts are then fluid bed dried and bacteria are freeze dried. Lallemand products pass 20 rigorous quality tests before leaving the factory, and are traceable for three years after production.

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