M612 “DUO – WING – JET” HILL model

Duo-Wing-Jet_portaleThe new version semi-mounted of the Whirlwind M612 400 l Duo-Wing-Jet HILL model, fitted with one anti-drift air cushion shield and intended for hillside vineyards (awarded EIMA Technical Novelty, Bologna-Italy Novembre 2014), is an addition to the trailed Duo-Wing-Jet model awarded as New Technology at the Simei-Enovitis exhibition held in Milan in 2013. These two models represent Martignani‘s latest answer to farmers’ requirement “to minimise losses to the environment during pesticide treatments“.
They can be defined as the first and only sprayers that recover the product, combining electrostatic attraction between vegetation and nebulised microdroplets with the action of two special air cushion protective screens, without any recycling of the pesticide treatment. This results in 95% effect as regards not only the anti-drift but as well as the anti-residue on fruit, grapes, wine, etc. as indicated by official tests carried out during the whole 2013 season on Prosecco vines at  the Dal Cin Costantino farm located in Cordignano (Treviso-Italy), i.e.: “Perfect yield of treatments in double rows with a constant low volume of 100 L/ha in full vegetation. Even with an average 40% reduction of the active ingredient, it ensured a produce free of any pest attack during a season characterised by widespread problems of downy mildew. It was possible to witness perfect micronisation with a very even distribution on vegetation on its direct and external parts, optimal ant-drift effect detected with the machine operating also at night using fluorescent product. This will allow it to be used also in critical areas (buffer zone) located near water streams, roads, buildings, etc., with a moderate fuel consumption (3.07 L/ha). The 15 hL tank version allows you to treat around 100 L/ha 15 ha. The vineyards’ 14 ha were treated in less than 6 hours (tractor speed 7 km/h). Furthermore, there are economical advantages, up to 400 €/ha savings“. (Taken from Oddino Bin’s report, Consortium for the defence of atmospheric adversities in the Treviso area of Italy).
Moreover, the analysis of chemical residues on grapes has shown that only 3 of the searched 195 active ingredients were found. These were also present in percentages 10-20 times lower than the limits set by the Law (Analysis certificate No. M13-7596 of 01.10.2013).

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