MACYS BC 28 by CIFO: Macrocystis kelp a resource for vineyard

CIFO_portaleKelps have been used in agriculture since centuries. Already in ancient times, it was discovered that the use of this natural resource could increase soil fertility and bring enormous benefits to crops. Not all algae, however, have the same characteristics or stimulate similar crops responses.
MACYS BC 28 is CIFO’s product with phytostimulant action, which uses a specific kelp, with unique characteristics: Macrocystis integrifolia.
Macrocystis, also known as Giant Kelp, is a brown alga harvested in the British Columbia where it finds ideal conditions: cold and pristine waters and long sunny days in the growing season.
Macrocystis is also called the Rainforest of the Sea because it provides a large percentage of oxygen, hundreds of species depend upon it for survival, as a terrestrial forest. It can grow up to 30 m in length: indeed it is the fastest growing plant in the ocean; under ideal conditions, it can grow as much as 60 cm per day.
This seaweed is hand harvested by local natives with the rules of a tradition, which dates back many centuries ago and it’s then processed by a non-caustic manufacture method, for minimal alteration of natural constituents.
MACYS BC 28, which contains 100% of Macrocystis, is CIFO’s growth stimulant rich in natural hormones (auxins in particular), amino acids and polysaccharides (alginic acid, fucoidins, laminarins etc.). These active compounds regulate cells development (promoting the growth of young tissues), increase stress resistance, stimulate adventitious rooting and support blooming (improving fruit setting).
In the vineyard, MACYS BC 28 can be used during first crop stages to increase resistance to stress (frost and adverse weather conditions) and to promote plant development. Just before flowering, it increases flowers fertility and fruit setting. Macys BC 28 can also be used, when needed, after fruit setting in order to promote bunch elongation and grapes development.

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