MAGUGLIANI: Air knives and centrifugal blowers for drying bottles

Magugliani distributes on the European market air knives and centrifugal blowers manufactured by an American company called Republic who has more than 50 years of experience in the branch, and builds Centrifugal Blowers and Air Knives to install directly on the production line, made to dry bottles, cans, etc. before labeling.
Republic technology, applied to Centrifugal Blowers and to Air Knives, allows reaching high efficiency levels granting energy savings.
Centrifugal Blowers RB series provide a powerful air flux maintaining low energetic costs if compared to other blowing systems such as the ones fed with compressed air or the Regenerative Blowers. Combined with drop section Republic Air Knives, optimized to avoid backpressure, Republic Centrifugal Blowers grant high performances in drying, cleaning and cooling processes.
Built with high quality materials, such as the CNC Aluminum impeller, bearing packs lifelong oiled with cooling tabs, hybrid ceramic bearings whose length is about 5 times more than standard bearings and multiple PTFE gaskets.
Compact dimensions for an easy placement.
Drop section Republic Air Knives avoid backpressure and permit high performances and efficiency in blowing operations.
Available in extruded anodized Aluminium or in  AISI 316 stainless steel, length from 2” to 196”, air input diameter 2”-3”-4”.
The regulation of performances can otherwise be achieved through a VFD applied to the Centrifugal Blower speed.
Each Centrifugal Blower can feed more that one generator and/or nozzle. A series of accessories to tailor package the system is available, included air warmers for operations that need hot air blowing.

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