MARTIGNANI, a leader in the rational distribution of crop protection products

Martignani_portaleOnce an industry pioneer, Martignani Srl  has now moved on to become an international leader in the sustainable use of crop protection products. The benchmarks that the company has achieved in more than fifty years of research and innovation in this field are a confirmation of its leadership.
1958 – First in Italy to introduce the low volume spray practice.
1981 – First in Europe to apply electrostatic droplet charging. The first and only product recovery system without any recycling of the pesticide mixture, thus preventing both drift and chemical residues.
1988 – The Turbo 3 Electrostatic Sprayer (EIMA – Bologna 1988 Innovation Award), the world’s first multi row sprayer.
1994 – The first Multi-Flow targeted horizontal-flow, anti-drift, electrostatic sprayer (gold medal for Technological Innovation – Fieragricola Verona 1994).
2004 – Electrostatic duster for the fully-effective application of the electrostatic charge to powder formulations (EIMA Bologna 2004 Innovation Award)
2012 – Duo Wing Jet sprayer with air cushion anti-drift screens (SIMEI Milan 2013 – ENOVITIS in CAMPO 2014 – EIMA Bologna 2014 Technical Innovation Awards).
For 2016, Martignani will complete its new range of Phantom M120 vineyard sprayers, which were already displayed at the last edition of EIMA in 2014, and this year were present at the various Enovitis and EIMA Show field trials. Available in capacities of 600 and 1000 L pull-type, and 400, 500, and 600 L 3P Mounted, all of which feature a polyethylene tank with incorporated hand washing and circuit rinsing tanks compliant with the EC standards, these units represent a valid alternative to the well-known and more powerful Whirlwind M612 range for all vineyard and orchard applications. All the Phantom series models, whether equipped with a single or double outlet fan output, can be used on any vineyard with alternative heads ideal for both row and horizontal/top canopy vines, which can even be operated by tractors with just 25 HP, while the version with the double outlet fan housing allows tractors with at least 40 HP to work multiple (vine) rows simultaneously, as it is capable of employing both the lower spray nozzles, as well as the two upper orientable heads on the adjacent rows or on modern high density fruit orchards.
The Phantom M120 models offer exceptional aerodynamic performance that rivals that of the Whirlwind M612 range, but with far less power consumption thanks to new technical innovations, which have even allowed a reduced absorbed power at the tractor PTO, thus allowing these models to be proposed to a wider range of users, including vine and fruit growers of small dimensions.

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