Martignani electrostatic spraying system, proven and widely-documented efficiency and new technical developments

Martignani_portaleItaly’s based Martignani was Europe’s first company to introduce the electrostatic charging of the micro droplets used for crops spraying and for the maintenance of public green areas. The company’s innovations have won various awards in a number of International Technological Innovation Competitions and have transformed the state-of-the-art for the industry by creating a trend among other manufacturers, resulting in numerous imitations of its Electrostatic Spray System throughout the world.
Since 1981, Martignani has obtained 10 official results of this type for its Electrostatic System, 6 of which have been published by 3 university research institutes in Italy and abroad, and the rest by similar institutions abroad. All 10 field trials in relation to the 10 phytotherapeutic results publications confirm the following: when compared to air blast sprayers with conventional HP pressure nozzles, Martignani Pneumatic Sprayers with low water volume and electrostatically charged microdroplets were shown to be much more effective, using 90% less water, 25-30% less chemicals and 70% less dispersion into the soil (Run-Off) with the Electrostatic Charge turned Off, and offering an additional 20% reduction in active ingredient consumption and 85% less drift with the Electrostatic turned On.
Since Mid 2015, after a couple of seasons successful field trials, Martignani is marketing a new Electrostatic device which assures even better performances and newly improved features, among various… a remote switch panel which allows the operator to control the proper Electrostatic functions from the tractor or vehicle seat and, on demand, a digital tester to detect and measure the existing charge in the sprayed mist.

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