Mastervin® Compact, the quick stabilization with small lees

VASON-portaleMastervin®Compact is a new product created by R&D of Vason Group, which responds to the need to achieve protein stabilization and to carry out efficient, and fast clarifications.
On rough wines it improves noticeably the turbidity, and acting appropriately with colloidal structures, increases the yields on subsequent filtrations to treated wines.
Mastervin® Compact is the result of a winning patent allowing the silica gel and activated silica to be adsorbed to activated sodium bentonite.
The characteristics of the row material montmorillonitico and its activation process make it possible to obtain a final product that is coupled with siliceous materials, keeps a good deproteinizing capacity.
It’s recommended to use in all phases of stabilization during which you want to limit the dosage of fining agents, get very small lees and quickly.
Appropriate laboratory tests guarantee constancy of these oenological characteristics, in the different production batches that follow each other.
In the validation phase, the experimental product was called Plusgran® PRO. During applications in wine cellar, Mastervin® Compact gave results on pre-bottled wines, rough wines and also on musts, ensuring a better clarification (less NTU) than traditional pure bentonites.
From an economic point of view, the main benefit of this application lies in greater yield of clarified product.
In stricter cellar, the volume of the lees is reduced of 40% compared with clarifications made with traditional products.
Mastervin® Compact is interesting both for small volume of important wines and treatment in large tanks for the sedimentation speed and for obtaining separate phases.
Mastervin® Compact: the best compacting lees, ever.

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