New AA Dielectric Tower, designed for vineyard treatment

AA Dielectric Tower 32/180 and 36/210, manufactured by TIFONE, is a front suction Blower unit; it is available in 32” and 36” versions, featuring an adjustable air flow rate of up to 46,000 cu m/h. Excellent for calibrated and accurate treatment of Orchards and Vineyards, whose distance between rows and height may reach 5 m for version 32/180 and 6/7 m for version 36/210. The AA Tower equipment is entirely made of HD-PE, a corrosion-free noble dielectric material, lending it particular strength. It assures a fully symmetrical distribution from its 4 left and right sections, and is equipped with an instantly adjustable propeller, allowing to regulate the power and air flow rate, to adapt the machine to the system type and to the current vegetation thickness, as well as to minimise the airborne Drift and to reduce ground dripping. Being entirely made of a noble dielectric material, the AA Tower equipment is designed to spray a powerful and energised jet of fully polarised, intensive electrostatic charges (E±S+) from the whole outlet, on the right and on the left. This allows to further reduce general losses and provides full Drift control; the TIFONE anti-Drift system is environmentally friendly and allows to reduce the use of phytopharmaceuticals by over 50% (127-2009/EC Directive). Its perfectly tapered shape allows to access even high-density systems, without ever touching the foliage or fruits. The AA Dielectric Tower equipment can be installed on all the Tractor mounted and Tractor trailed sprayers manufactured by TIFONE.

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