New technologies BY P.E. LABELLERS

PE-LABELLERS_portaleP.E. LABELLERS has presented its new technology at Simei 2015, the PS AUTOMATIC REEL SPLICER.
The society creates the PS automatic reel splicer to give continues production operation with increased OEE and to reduce the sizes of the machine considering same production speed requirement while compared to no stop redundant PS units. The automatic reel splicer is the solution that allows the preparation of the second  labels reel, when the labeling unit is on production and the first label reel is during unwinding mode. The preparation consists in the application of a small strip of adhesive on the initial part of the second reel, placed on a special pad. When the first reel finishes, it will be automatically cut and spliced to the leading edge of the label reel previously prepared, this process erases downtime and consequently give continues production without redundant labeling heads requirement. Moreover, P.E. LABELLERS can offer to its customers a new optical spotting system, the orientation with fixed cameras. It can be used for all types of orientation.

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