OMAC BE series lobe pumps

OMAC-portaleThe OMAC BE series lobe pumps derives from the well-known B series pump since it shares several of its characteristics. In less demanding works, the BE pumps can replace the B pumps and, meeting the increasing demand of cheap lobe pumps with good sanitary standard, allow to widen the utilization possibilities of the OMAC lobe pumps.
The BE series pumps are simple and robust and are characterized by their mono-bloc design. The drive unit, thanks to the hallow shaft and to the rear cover provided with an IEC flange, is directly fixed to the pump by creating a unique compact and light body.
The new design, with smooth cover and fixing nut built in the rotors, improves the cleaning standard.
The lobe pumps of this series are provided only with bi-lobe rotary piston rotors in S.S. 316 L or in antifriction alloy CY5SnBiM, which ensure an excellent volumetric efficiency and a smooth and regular transfer of several liquid or viscous products. The bi-lobe rotary pistons have big chambers that make these pumps suitable for transferring fluids containing soft solids in suspension.
This range consists of 6 models with deliveries from 0.05 to 55 m³/h against counter pressures up to 7 Bar for BE110 and 5 bar for other models. BE pumps can be supplied either bare shaft or complete with directly flanged drive unit. The pump becomes very compact without bare rotation shafts and minimum dirty-collecting surfaces. Trolleys and such accessories as feet for vertical connections, adjustable feet and stainless steel shroud covering the motors can also be supplied as to build pumping sets which exactly satisfy customers requirements.
These pumps, that assures good services, long endurance, easy and cheap maintenance, can be used in all beverages industries for grape must, wine, beer, yeast, juice fruit, fruit concentrate, fruit puree and soft drink.

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