RIDA®CUBE SCAN: The smart Analyser

2014-06_RIDA-CUBE-SCAN_portaleThe R-Biopharm RIDA®CUBE SCAN is a new photometric system that allows biochemistry testing in small food laboratories or in production facilities. The photometric measurement covers all enzymatic and colorimetric assays for the detection of organic acids (e.g. Lactic acid), sugars (e.g. Glucose) or other food components (e.g. Sulfite). The test principles and reagents are the same than those used for manual testing.
The RIDA®CUBE SCAN is incredibly small (16 x 13 x 14.5 cm), but delivers the same results than bigger biochemistry analysers. This new system captivates by its modern design and the simple operating procedure. Despite his small size, its innovative technology makes precise test results possible and it contains the functionalities of larger laboratory systems. Since there is no pipeting device, the system is very robust and maintenance-free.
The instrument RIDA®CUBE SCAN allows enzymatic testing with single-test cartridges and just one pipeting step. It is therefore suited for laboratories performing a few tests per day, or in production facilities for Point of Care testing. In case of higher throughput, it is recommended to install more than one RIDA®CUBE SCAN instrument, or to change towards a fully-automated system like the ChemWell.
Three analyzers are available with different combinations of wavelengths: 340 nm is always present, in combination with a second wavelength respectively at 505, 546 or 580 nm. The combination of different instruments in the same laboratory allows to increase the throughput, and to cover all wavelengths of the future test-kit portfolio.

Single-testing now and everywhere
The tests are delivered in reagent cartridges for single-testing, one after each other. Only the sample needs to be pipeted into the test-cartridge, all other steps are performed automatically for a true walk-away capability. The result is obtained in less than 15 minutes, giving a throughput of four tests per hour. Each test kit contains 32 single-test cartridges and one RFID card (Radio Frequency Identification). All data specific for the test are stored on the RFID card, so there is no need to enter any instrument or application settings. Results are calculated automatically and displayed. They can be exported to a computer, to a printer or to a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).
The operating procedure is fast and generates precise results in just four simple steps:
– Place the RFID card
– Enter the sample identification and choose the application (10 or 50 µl)
– Pipette the sample into the tube and close with the cap
– Insert the cartridge into the instrument and close the door.

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