Sustainable viticulture with DIACHEM

The increasing sensitivity of customers in respect of environmental issues, about food safety and food quality represent fundamental themes for a sustainable viticulture. Diachem, provides a wide range of agrochemicals formulates which in a rational way contribute to maintain and improve the health status of the plants with the aim of obtaining products with the best sensory characteristics. For the defense of the vineyard Diachem offers a complete line of products against major pathogens and for the management of weeds. The fungicide Cumeta Flow (metalaxil-m and tribasic copper sulphate) offers high levels of efficacy against Plasmopara viticola with an adequate supply of copper per hectare and a flowable formulation of high quality. The product has a preventive and curative activity and is also characterized by a long-lasting action. For more information please visit our website or send an e-mail to

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