The range of chitosan-based products by Perdomini-IOC

PERDOMINI-adv-PKSol-A4-EN_portaleThe use of chitin derivatives in winemaking is a recent introduction (EU authorization to use them was granted in January 2011) and in order to avoid the onset of allergic reactions, the OIV recommends that winemakers use only fungal-origin chitin derivatives. Perdomini-IOC has developed a range of chitosan-based products obtained from a unique strain of Aspergillus niger. These products have been specially designed to provide clarification and protection against oxidation spoiling in musts and wines. The two formulas have been given the names PK SOL M and PK SOL M2, and are both excellent options when looking for a clarifying and stabilizing treatment that will avoid oxidation problems, colour loss and the development of bitter tastes, and at the same time restore the wealth of aromas present in the original product before it was affected. PK SOL M – mixed in a synergetic formula with PVPP and isinglass – and PK SOL M2 – acting synergistically with PVPP and pea protein – provide fast and effective action to combat both the already-oxidized polyphenolic compounds and those in danger of oxidation (catechins) and simultaneously lead to rapid clarification. PK SOL M and PK SOL M2 contain no known allergens; using them allows winemakers to achieve their desired results without having to declare anything on the product labels, under the terms of 2003/89/EC and 2007/68/EC. What’s more, PK SOL M2 may also be used for certified vegan-friendly wines.

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