The world of Italian copper based products

Manica is specialized in the production of cupric fungicides based on Bordeaux Mixture and Copper Oxychloride defended at EU level which are produced in its plants situated in Rovereto (Trento) – Italy. Manica Spa offers various formulations in wettable powder, wettable granules and flow. In particular, Manica Spa has developed Bordoflow, an innovative Bordeaux Mixture 10% flow (124 gr/lt of Cu). It’s the result of a high new technology process which, after a strict selection of the raw material, a controlled precipitation, purification and filtration leads to a final product characterized by an high reactivity of the copper ions. For these reasons, BORDOFLOW is active at low copper rate per hectare maintaining unchanged the characteristics of persistence typical of traditional Bordeaux Mixtures. The product has been tested successfully by many officials on various fungus and bacteria pathogens that attack many crops. In particular we have achieved excellent results on plasmopara viticola in areas where the pressure of the disease is high. BORDOFLOW is easy to handle due to the innovative packing which allows to recycle the external carton box and reduce the quantity of plastic of approximately 60% compared to the traditions tanks. Summarizing BORDOFLOW, thanks to the characteristics of product and the new packing, can be considered a concrete proposal for the eco-sustainability.
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