Two new dwarfing rootstocks soon to be available to Italian growers

Research over the last decades has brought forth many great innovations by cloning the various varieties of Vitis vinifera that adapt well to the modern needs of viticulture while on the other hand, rootstocks are at the same level as the early 1900s.
These rootstocks often display vigorous vegetative growth while modern viticulture is going towards narrowly spaced planting where management costs can be lowered thanks to vines that show a more balanced development and, because of this, are less dependant upon agronomic interventions.
After almost 20 years of research, Professor Cesare Intrieri (DCA – University of Bologna), has developed two new hybrids called STAR 50 and STAR 74, which are not only phylloxera and limescale resistant, but also exert a balanced dwarfing action on the graft without compromising the production capacity and quality of the final product.

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