Vason Group, experimentation and passionate research

Enologica Vason and Juclas are part of Vason Group, which, since the 80’s and ’90s has been the first producer of new important technological applications like flotation for clarification of fruit juice and must, automatic sterile bottling of wines, application of cross-flow microfiltration and tartaric stabilization of wines by membrane.
The choice of creating a laboratory within the company explains the philosophy of the founder Mr Giancarlo Vason, who decided to reinvest every year about 5% of the company turnover for research, which is considered as an excellence. The skills acquired by Vason Group in collaboration with the most well-known international research institutions allowed the company to offer every customer an integrated service that covers all the production process: research, chemicals and microbiological analysis, applications and solutions made to measure, assistance network, real-time monitoring made by specialized technicians, laboratory tests aimed at improving the industrial processes (clarification, filtration, stabilization, sterilization).
Enologica Vason is specialized in the selection of raw materials and in the formulation of products to be used specifically in oenology and beverage industry: biotechnologies, adjuvants, traditional as well as allergen-free clarification agents, stabilizing agents and preservatives of natural origin. Enologica Vason is today the first company in its field to have achieved the UNI ISO 14064-1 certification proving once again to be innovative and forerunner also for issues not directly related to its business but with the full knowledge to help a sustainable development of a productive economic system the company belongs to: the wine sector. Many products are also certified Carbon Footprint.
Juclas was born to follow up the need to find technological answers to the requirements of food and wine industry in particular. Juclas designs and manufactures innovative systems such as electrodialysis (ED) and two types of cross-flow filtration (MFTS and MFTC). Juclas is the holder of several patents that have successfully entered the market: two interesting examples are the Easyferm®, which applies the most current scientific knowledge on the yeast rehydration to a fully automatic process perfectly integrated in the production processes of the customer, and the Mastermind® Remove, a membrane plant that works at room temperature, designed to achieve a precise change of the alcohol content, in accordance with the organoleptic quality of the wine treated.

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