VCR’s secret: innovation

80 years after their foundation Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo keep on maintaining their position as world leader in the grapevine nursery market. The secret of VCR’s primacy lies is Innovation and Continuous research of new varieties, clones, crossings that can respond to the ever-changing demands of the market. The Genetic Improvement Programs have led to the recognition of more than 300 original VCR clones of international, national and autochthonous varieties (both Italian and of other leading wine-producing countries). But the new frontier of the Research is the creation of new disease-resistant varieties; thanks to the collaboration with the University of Udine and the Institute for Applied Genomics, a new research program for new disease-resistant varieties has been started. Now, 10 new varieties, which have proved to be outstanding for their agronomic and oenological characteristics, are going to be entered in the National Register. Innovation and scientific experimentation are therefore the true engine for VCR’s growth, because they allow growers from all the wine-growing areas of the world to improve the quality of their products by using VCR grafted vines.

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