VINESENSE: the key instrument for sustainable viticulture

NETSENS-1_portaleSustainable viticulture attempts to a substantial reduction of the pattern of usage of chemicals and the amount of sprayed pesticides, to ensure both economic viability, and a safe, healthy workplace through the use of environmentally and economically sound production practices.
A precise and conscientious pest management calls for a precise monitoring of microclimatic conditions in the vineyard and offers two important benefits: lower use of chemicals, and a better product quality, so improving the image of the brand.
From January 1st 2014, the EU directive 1600/2002/CE will become effective in EU countries. Member countries will be called to issue local regulations so that professional operators will be enabled to reduce the impact of pesticides by monitoring pests with adequate methods and instruments, through field observation and early forecast systems.
Understanding vineyard varieties calls for precisely measuring micro-zones, thus delivering the most accurate data directly from inside the vine-rows and supporting disease prediction models.
VineSense by Netsens represents an ideal solution to sustainable viticulture practices, allowing microclimatic data to be gathered directly from the vine-rows, thus precisely mapping the local microclimatic conditions.
The prediction models take in account for the phenological stage of the vines yielding a more accurate and reliable risk assessment and giving useful information on the development stage of pathogen infections
VineSense provides substantial benefits in grapevines growing, by implementing treatments targeted on hotspots of infection outbreak and infection risk assessment, thus reducing treatment cost, with a regulation compliant approach.
Already installed in many prestigious and worldwide-known Wineries, the basic configuration includes a GPRS main unit with climatic sensors, and two or more wireless units, each equipped with air temperature/humidity and leaf wetness sensors. The scalability of the systems fulfils the requirements of small, medium and large size vineyards.

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