Vivai Cooperativi di Padergnone, one of the major players in the international market of grapevine plants

The grapevine nurseries of Padergnone boast more than one hundred years of experience and were first established at the end of the 19th century just after the arrival of the Phylloxera vastatrix from North America. In 1955 some of the private nurseries of Padergnone joined together in the form of a Cooperative, in order to be able to supply not only the local market of grafted vines, but also the steadily growing Italian market. In the following years the Vivai Cooperativi di Padergnone increased its production and developed links with the most important research institutes in Europe. Nowadays the Vivai Cooperativi di Padergnone is one of the major players in the international market of grapevine plants, producing every year between four and five million plants. The members of the Cooperative graft nearly 200 varieties of vines, ensuring the preservation of a great ampelographic heritage. Since the early 2000’s a programme of clonal selection was developed in order to supply high quality genetic material with a strictly controlled sanitary status. As a result many clones of local and international varieties have been registered and many are going to follow. The Vivai Cooperativi di Padergnone as a member of the Consorzio Vivaisti Viticoli Trentini (the association of the grapeVINE nurseries of the Trentino region of Northern Italy), has started to work together with  Fondazione Edmund Mach as a scientific partner, in order to research, promote and  market new varieties that are resistant to downy mildew and powdery mildew. This effort is undertaken with the awareness that environmental sustainability will be a key feature of future viticulture.

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