Volcan 850 DS

Volcan 850 DUALSTEER® machinery by BCS offers unique characteristics and performance, unbeaten by other competitors on the market. With a VM 4 cylinder turbo, 3 litre engine offering 79 hp power at 2300 rotations. The 32 speed gear (16FW+16RV) with a synchronised inverter means it can easily reach 40 km/h. The Volcan DUALSTEER is provided with OS-Frame transmissions awarding lots of advantages: the double-mass flywheel with long-travel torsional damper is highly capable to eliminate the engine cyclic irregularities and also to give more torque to the engine itself; a unique transmission shaft through the central assy moves both the gearbox main clutch and the PTO independent clutch, while assuring the best mechanical output and the highest tractor maneuverability; it is a monolithic structure in a single cast iron casting. The joint in the middle of the machine lets the front axle oscillate up to 15° with respect to the rear axle, stabilizing the machines on steep terrain. The 4-wheel drive has got an electro-hydraulically controlled disengagement of the front one, which allows you to move efficiently on steep slopes as well as on uneven grounds, while improving the transfer of loads on the road. The electro-hydraulically controlled front and rear differential lock, simultaneously or rear only, assures the best traction on any type of grounds. The clutch is multiple disc running in an oil bath with hydraulic command and movement using a PRO-ACT System. The service brakes are independent, multiple disc in an oil bath with hydraulic, four wheel drive command. The hydraulic independent pumps system enables power of up to 8 rear hydraulic plugs. The rear lift has a capacity of 2700 kg. The exclusive DUALSTEER® steering system, patented by BCS, combines the stability of the steering wheel version with the handling of the central articulation version.  The series reversibility, compactness, short wheel base and turning range of just 2.2 metres makes Volcan DUALSTEER machinery ideal for use in specialist cultivations.

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