Wine ages four times faster in the house

Foto-4-portaleThat wine ages better in the cellar than in an apartment is already well-known fact. But now the Edmund Mach Foundation (San Michele all’Adige, Trentino, Italy) has issued an important scientific confirmation that explains why and how much chemical age changes under different environmental conditions, giving rise to unexpected reactions and new compounds.
According to the study, entitled The influence of storage on the chemical age of red wines, recently published in Metabolomics, under typical domestic storage conditions the chemical age of wine accelerates up to four times: tens of compounds change in concentration as they participate in reactions induced by temperature. The study involved a two year monitoring of the changes in 500 bottles of Sangiovese, bottled in dark glass with a natural cork closure. Two hundred bottles were placed in the wine cellars of the Mach Foundation at a constant temperature ranging from 15°C to 17°C with 70% humidity. The other two hundred were placed in conditions simulating domestic storage, in the dark, with temperatures fluctuating, according to the season, between 20°C and 27°C. The wines were sampled every six months.
Fulvio Mattivi (photo), author of the study, explains: “Six months in an apartment can make a wine reach a chemical age that corresponds to a two year aging process in ideal wine cellar conditions. Producers, restaurateurs, wine sellers and distributors need to verify if their local conditions are suitable to the optimal storage of wines, especially during the warm months, and if not, they should determine their maximum not-to-exceed storage period, if ideal conditions cannot be guaranteed. Only a few degrees more can make a location unsuitable for long-term storage”.

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